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What we can work on

Are there certain things you have always wanted to work on but have not found the quietness, energy or the time? 

When we feel stuck and are in need to redefine our path in life, creating mental space is essential. This can be difficult when we are consumed by our daily responsibilities and the stress that comes with it. Traveling can give you this space and enable you to focus on your inner voice.

Using positive psychology, evidence based coaching methods and tailored exercises, these are some of the areas we can work on:
What we can work on together.

Career Decisions

Identifying values, strengths and what really energises you will be the first steps we will take towards discovering your ideal career path. The end goal will be to attain a sense of meaning and a feeling that you are truly providing value to yourself and those around you. 


Are you anxious about your trip? Are there certain things in your daily life that trigger you? Anxiety cripples many of us and hinders our general wellbeing. It is often based on negative thought patterns and fears that don't correspond to reality. My approach here is based on cognitive behavioural coaching (CBT) and mindfulness techniques. Using these methods I will show you how to not identify with the thoughts that challenge you, as well as how to lessen the impact they might have. 

Stress Management

Technology, our demanding jobs and the high pace of daily life are just some of the contributing factors to the high levels of stress many of us experience.  Using positive psychology and mindfulness techniques, I will leverage the healing effects of travel and help you to stay fully present. Not only will this be one of the most engaging trips you will ever have but through our sessions you will learn how to minimise stress, effectively handle any situation and truly appreciate the moment in your daily life.    

Authentic Living

Are you living your life according to your values and what leaves you feeling fulfilled? Are your decisions, yours, or are you following society's norms on what you should be doing? Using socratic questioning and deep reflection I will help you identify what truly matters to you and how you can honor these things every day.  

Self Love

I believe the root cause of all suffering in the world is lack of self-love.  Why are we so hard on ourselves? The cornerstone to attaining wellbeing, happiness and a life of fulfillment is first believing that you actually deserve it. Here I aim to cultivate self-compassion with evidence based exercises and guide you towards a state of awareness, acceptance and love.   

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